Membership Privileges

The Oklahoma Schools Risk Management Trust (OSRMT) was created to address the specific property/casualty coverage needs of Oklahoma school districts. Under the program administration of The Sandner Group - Insurance Program Managers and its staff of industry professionals, the OSRMT has become a powerful advocate for Oklahoma public schools. The OSRMT has provided Oklahoma school districts with dependable service and broad, reliable and competitively priced property/casualty coverage.

OSRMT Board of Directors

Program Information:

OSRMT Program Brochure (pdf)


Join and Grow with OSRMT

In this competitive market, school districts need to carefully choose their property/casualty provider. With its competitive pricing, financial stability and strong reputation, the Oklahoma Schools Risk Management Trust has been a strong choice for Oklahoma school districts. With OSRMT on your side, and in effect all its member districts, controlling the costs for property/casualty coverage has never been easier.

Aggregate Excess of Loss Reinsurance

In the event there is a large number of property claims to be paid within the self-insured retention of the Trust, OSRMT members can still have peace of mind. The Board of Directors has purchased protection against a catastrophic year of property claims in the form of aggregate excess of loss reinsurance. The OSRMT will be reimbursed for all property claims paid above a selected aggregate attachment point or loss fund.