Buses 207Broad, reliable and competitively priced property/casualty coverage is the foundation of the OSRMT program. The OSRMT comprehensive package includes property, general liability, automobile, equipment breakdown, and umbrella protection. The coverage offered through the OSRMT is regularly updated and tailored to meet the needs of public school districts. The coverage package includes catastrophic property exposures, liabilities arising from advances in technology, as well as coverages to meet the needs of special education. In addition, OSRMT provides the highest limits available to Oklahoma Public Schools for abuse and molestation claims.

Property Appraisal

Desks 207OSRMT’s loss control staff conducts appraisals on-site and provides members with an accurate value of school property to ensure that the school is purchasing the appropriate amount of coverage. Using the sophisticated computerized Marshall Swift/Boeckh system, OSRMT’s loss control staff provides the initial appraisal and then conducts yearly updates as well as additional field work as needed.