Staffed with loss control professionals located in Oklahoma, the loss control program offers exceptional loss control services to all members. Services such as evaluations of the school district’s current in-house safety/loss control programs, current and historic losses, as well as assistance in developing programs and procedures for self-inspection, forming safety committees, and evaluation of OSHA inspections are but a few of the loss control services provided to OSRMT member districts. Team visits by The Sandner Group agent, loss control professional and claims adjuster allow member districts to analyze trends in losses, plan for policies to mitigate future losses and determine what risks they may face in the future, allowing the member to work with their agent in coordinating coverages.

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Loss Control Manual

Upon joining the OSRMT, districts receive what has been noted as one of the most comprehensive loss control manuals currently available. This copyrighted manual provides practical advice on specific loss control measures OSRMT members should implement to avoid conditions that may result in a loss or claim. Transportation of students, blood-borne pathogens and lockout/tagout are just some of the topics covered in this indispensable manual.


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